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March 2017

Why do we procrastinate, and how can we stop?

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Procrastination! A long word for a very common thing, which consists of putting off until tomorrow something we could do today. People who are blamed for this behaviour are often more its misunderstood victims. When somebody procrastinates a lot, it can handicap their life in general. Why do people put things off until tomorrow? There are several reasons why we put off doing things when they can, or ought to,…

8 Superfoods you should be eating for healthy, shiny hair

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We all want our hair to have that healthy, shiny glow. We tend to think it’s hard to achieve the look without introducing a bunch of products and chemicals into our routine. But, did you know you can affect the overall health of your hair just by changing your eating habits? Let’s take a look at eight foods your hair will love – and you’ll love the way your hair…

How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables

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Organic produce has grown in popularity over the past few years, and can be a great option with many different benefits. However, shopping organically for fruits and vegetables isn’t always within everyone’s budget. Hopefully, there will come a day when organic farming becomes the norm. But until then, those of us looking for healthy, delicious produce can still take comfort in knowing what we buy can be made better by…