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April 2017

Ho’oponopono as a way of getting back the keys to your life

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More than a zen technique or a complicated spiritual solution, Ho’oponopono is a philosophy of life that comes to us from Hawaii. It’s based on respect for others and for yourself, and its premise is that nothing is due to chance; it’s the result of our own memories. Pono, as ancient Hawaiians called it, is part of daily life, guiding every moment spontaneously and simply. You won’t find any regulations…

Mindfulness and weight loss

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Mindfulness – a slimming technique which gives results without starving yourself Doctors and psychologists agree that paying full attention to the present moment and the pleasure of eating will let you get back to a healthy and straightforward relationship with food. It’s an internal “mindfulness” experiment that we will now describe. Re-establish contact with your senses The practice of mindfulness is about using a set of mental exercises to be…