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May 2017

Slimming: 3 drinks that are more effective than lemon water

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At the risk of disappointing anybody who believes in miracle diets, we have to look at the facts. No drink can miraculously make you lose weight. However, there are drinks that, as part of a balanced diet and with a healthy lifestyle, make a contribution to slimming. Coffee When drunk before a sports session, caffeine can extend your stamina and increase the calories burnt. Please note, obviously we’re talking about…

It’s fun and it’s sporty! The Kangoo Power arrives in Europe

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Fed up with cardio workouts on a treadmill? Try the Kangoo Power – a new concept which links aerobics or running with kangaroo bounds! In South America, where Brazilian women have given them the thumbs-up, through the USA and Quebec, Kangoo Girls are taking over the sports halls. Kangoo Power is an aerobics (or running) workout on Kangoo Jump boots. They’re like ski boots on springs, and they let you…