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Being alone – you can get through it!

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When solitude hurts… It’s well known that “man is by nature a social animal”. This famous maxim is attributed to Aristotle, who seems to have been blind to a huge chunk of reality, because today more and more people complain of loneliness and try to escape it. They have developed defence mechanisms to guarantee that they’re always in company – multiple romances, total submission to a partner, living with their…

The brain – an ultrasophisticated tool (intended for use)

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The brain is an incredible tool. In an earlier post, we looked at programming the brain – changing your beliefs so as to change your reality. The sceptics will say that’s just one of those absurd phrases intended to sell castles in the air. Think again! You can tame your subconscious, and feel better as a result.  Take control of your mind Let’s do a quick neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) test….