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The superpowers of … breathing

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Balance, health, happiness, self-healing – these are the potential benefits of conscious breathing, and they’re easily available to anyone. The importance of conscious breathing has been recognised since the start of human history. In many ways, breathing is a real source of physical, mental and emotional benefits. “Just breathe!” Popular wisdom often reminds us that breathing lets us manage stress and anxiety. Conscious breathing is better than happy pills or…

Self-esteem, a source of emotional independence

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Anne-France Huret, a psychologist who specialises in family and couple therapy, has some words of advice on making the transition from emotional dependence on the object of your affections (the intense “us” experienced at the start) to emotional independence; the “me / myself / I” which is more fulfilling in the long term. It’s a process with several stages, but working on your self-esteem is the most important of these….

Alcohol Dependence: a Different Approach with Bach Flowers

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Hanane: “Ever since childhood, I have cultivated empathy” Hanane is a Reiki practitioner and a Bach Flowers consultant. After completing her studies in psychology, she continued to develop and expand her skills, with the sole purpose of understanding the hardships and difficulties of others. In a world where individualism is rampant, Hanane espouses compassion. Find out who she is, her areas of specialization and, in particular, how she can guide…

Love and suffering – Is it right to chase?

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In France, there’s a well-known proverb about playing hard to get. “Suis-moi je te fuis, fuis-moi je te suis” means, more or less, “chase me and I’ll run, but if you run from me I’ll follow you”. We all know the concept, but is that really what we want? There are books which tell you how to attract anybody effortlessly. I remember one book that claimed to have the key….


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Do we really need therapy to detach emotionally from someone? Even if there is no absolute answer, I would like to share my personal opinion. To make a trial, I have seen several psychologists, for a maximum of two sessions each. Some of them helped to some extent, the others really missed the point. I even put the same point to three psychologists, ending up with three different versions of…