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30 March 2015

Fifty Shades of Addiction – Which Shade are you?

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Could it be that every one of us is addicted in some way? If addiction is as old as humanity, new research has shown that addiction is not only drug-related, it can also sneak into our everyday lives. The subject of addiction is a controversial one. There are those who suggest that some behaviours are addictive, and others who argue that it is difficult to assess addiction. I’ve picked fifty…

Psychoactive Substances – When Pleasure Gives Way to Nightmare

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According to Wikipedia, a psychoactive drug is any substance that affects the brain. There’s a very long list of them, which unfortunately gets longer all the time. Some are legal (alcohol, tobacco, etc) and some are medically prescribed (codeine, for example), but some are forbidden or controlled (including cocaine and cannabis). This post is about the risks of using and abusing substances in the third category, the illegal drugs. Drugs…