Interior design and well-being

As countless studies and publications have shown, there’s a direct link between the space we live in and our well-being. This connection has even given rise to a set of rules in the age-old Chinese tradition of Feng Shui. Also, it seems that the interior design of our homes closely reflects our own outlook and personality.

An interior in your own image

Altering your living environment is not only a way to make a real improvement to your quality of life, but also a way to enhance your health and well-being. It’s something we’ve always known, more or less, but periods of lockdown and enforced teleworking have shown us all that it’s absolutely fundamental. More than ever, looking at our home environment, and coming up with a scheme of interior design that reflects who we are, is a way to find serenity and peace.

Come and see…

I would like to invite you to explore my choices and my interior design discoveries. A mixture of refinement, minimalism and the contemporary, the interior of my home puts the emphasis on fine materials such as white marble with, as a foil, the ultra-contemporary black metal of the tables and shelves. To soften this monochrome scheme, I’ve added some of the palest possible pink, a touch of gilt, and a mirror for the play of light. Unique objects, chosen with care, create a harmonious and peaceful space, but a few green plants are essential to complete it.

The marble furniture and accessories were custom made for me by My Marble ♡ My mandala, the work of a wonderful artist, comes from TSAO ♡ Frames are from Mapiful ♡ I wear a Trésor d’Akasha Necklace ♡

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