Feminine energy – liberate your potential

Over the centuries, and still today, we’ve tended to see personal energy as having two forms. Masculine energy, which is often centre-stage, relates to the outer world. It’s about organising, planning and managing. It’s logical, it’s literal. Feminine energy, by contrast, is linked to the inner world – to feelings, to emotions, to the heart, to the very essence of what women traditionally are.

Of course, we have to be aware that both kinds of energy are present in people of each sex, and that each man and woman shifts constantly between action and emotion.

Feminine energy – What is it?

It’s a force that’s present in every woman, and it’s at the base of everything she can ever build, or create, or want to experience. It’s the need that she feels, and sometimes restrains and sometimes encourages, to achieve things in every part of her life, whether professional, maternal, loving or sexual. Each woman defines her own way of living, putting more emphasis on this or that aspect. Successfully doing everything all at the same time leads to exhaustion – a fact well known to women who have tried it.

Free your energy

As a result of their education or their culture, some women find it really difficult to free up this energy in those areas that they’ve always had a tendency to repress – creativity, sexuality, doing things in a non-traditional way. That’s a mistake – if you try to suppress this feminine energy, you end up feeling tired all the time or, even worse, you suffer from depression or addictions. So try to forget your upbringing and those feminine stereotypes, and let the real you find expression, in whatever form, and in whatever part of your life you choose.

Femininity is not what you think

Every woman is able to free the energy within her. Make no mistake about it – femininity is not (or not only) your appearance, clothes and makeup. Femininity is a way of life, a way you behave, a way you carry yourself that catches people’s eyes, whether potential lovers or potential employers. There’s nothing more seductive than a woman who lets what she has inside express itself fully.


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