Golden Bay Beach Hotel, Larnaca: a hotel of great charm

Some coincidences seem almost to be arranged by destiny, such as this unplanned stay in Cyprus, island of Aphrodite, goddess of love. When Jordanian airspace was closed, we immediately looked for a way out, and it was at Larnaca that we finally landed, as if we had been carried there by some benevolent magic to provide us with a time of serenity by way of an ending our journey.

It is one of those unexpected stopovers that unveil the most sublime shades of blue. The island is set in breathtaking turquoise waters. The spectacular Golden Bay Beach hotel, where I recently had a wonderful stay, enjoys its full share of these marvels. This exclusive establishment is 10km from the town centre, and 15km from the international airport at Larnaca.

Fine dining, well-being, absolute comfort, discreet luxury, warm hospitality and the art of living well are harmoniously blended with authenticity. In the guest rooms and suites where I had the privilege of staying, clean design is combined with refined comfort and unostentatious luxury. The spacious interiors open onto balconies from which the horizon is the immeasurable splendour of the Mediterranean.

How could one not succumb to the magic of this spot, where everything invites you to relax and rediscover yourself? The enchantment extends to the restaurant, where the very generous buffet offers local and international dishes, while your gaze loses itself in the constant spectacle of the sea, the palm trees and the luxuriant gardens.

From breakfast to dinner, every dish is a feast for the senses and a constantly renewed delight to the palate. If you appreciate the subtleties of Mediterranean cuisine, and if you are looking for a peaceful sanctuary where the far-away combines elegantly with the present, there can be no doubt that this hotel will delight you.


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