Ho’oponopono as a way of getting back the keys to your life

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More than a zen technique or a complicated spiritual solution, Ho’oponopono is a philosophy of life that comes to us from Hawaii. It’s based on respect for others and for yourself, and its premise is that nothing is due to chance; it’s the result of our own memories. Pono, as ancient Hawaiians called it, is part of daily life, guiding every moment spontaneously and simply.

You won’t find any regulations or complicated thoughts here, or any spiritual techniques that call for concentration or a spiritual escape. It’s just a question strengthening, in your daily life, the principle that we should live in a way consistent with the things and beings that surround us.

The goal is to be aware that our acts and everything we do are the basis for what follows afterwards. By adopting Ho’oponopono as your way of life, you take responsibility for your acts. You choose to transform a trivial event into a solid basis for the future. Our actions are directly linked to our memory, so by creating positive memories we guide our future events.

To do this, there are four rules for living:

– acceptance, by saying “I am sorry”

– gratitude, by saying “thank you”

– repentance, by forgiving yourself and others

– affection, by basing emotional reactions on the words “I love”

By reprogramming our thoughts and our acts, we directly influence our present and our future. We create a path in our image, where the power of events comes from a reality in which we have a key role.

At the heart of this concept is positive energy. You may not be able to change a situation, but you can bounce back, concentrating yourself in a positive way so as to get the benefit. In this way, our lives will be driven by our thoughts. This shared and unlimited energy guides us towards healthy, fulfilling concepts – respect for life of every kind and a new awareness, with more empathy.



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