The InterContintental Amman: a haven of escapism and refinement

In April, my travels took me to Jordan, where I had deliberately chosen the period of Eid celebrations for a total immersion. Attracted by the prospect of exploring local traditions at this special time of the year, and by a chance to uncover the treasures of this enchanting country in the company of friends living in Amman, I set off on this journey with keen anticipation, curiosity and excitement.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the profound impact this experience would have on me. Beyond the natural splendours that characterise Jordan, it is the wealth of its age-old history and, above all, the generosity and warmth of the welcome in Jordan’s very soul that made a deep impression on me.

Add to that the refined atmosphere and devoted hospitality provided by the InterContinental – truly a temple to the well-being of its guests – and the resulting stay left an indelible impression, which will remain forever amongst my most precious memories.

My desire to experience a unique getaway was fully satisfied by the InterContinental Jordan Hotel, the first five-star hotel in Jordan, where I chose to stay. Behind the majestic walls of its facade, dominating the third circle, is a world from which it would be difficult to tear oneself away if there were not a whole city to explore outside.

The geographical location of the establishment is noteworthy for its immediate proximity to the heart of Amman. The guest rooms, with their clean contemporary style, are bathed in an enchanting light, complemented by soothing colour shades and picked out with a distinctive touch that is emblematic of the brand. The rooms are provided with the very latest equipment, meeting all today’s requirements. A subtle middle-eastern note makes itself felt throughout the hotel.

Within these walls, every moment is dedicated to a full appreciation of the art of living as one enjoys memorable meals in a variety of exceptional restaurants. From the Bourj Al Hamam, a Lebanese restaurant noted for its generous cuisine; to the Indian restaurant which offers a celebration of authenticity through its ambiance and catering; to the Cinco de Mayo where an authentic Mexican dining experience is enhanced by decor in the vibrant colours of Latin America, every mouthful takes the guest on a voyage of tastes and textures, whose delights they will long remember.

And the invitation to let your senses awake extends far beyond these gourmet delights. In the luxurious Club Lounge, a captivating panorama invites one to contemplate the world outside; while the Spa offers an unequalled time-out-of-time to relax and recharge. The gardens, enhanced by majestic palm trees, invite one to stroll, adding an extra touch of charm to this exceptional experience. Every moment spent here is underpinned by the remarkable goodwill and responsiveness of the entire team.


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