It’s fun and it’s sporty! The Kangoo Power arrives in Europe

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Fed up with cardio workouts on a treadmill? Try the Kangoo Power – a new concept which links aerobics or running with kangaroo bounds!

In South America, where Brazilian women have given them the thumbs-up, through the USA and Quebec, Kangoo Girls are taking over the sports halls. Kangoo Power is an aerobics (or running) workout on Kangoo Jump boots. They’re like ski boots on springs, and they let you jump trampoline-style … or like a kangaroo.

Running or aerobics – jumping the whole time

Running can damage your joints and leads to sprains, tendonitis, strained muscles and other more or less significant injuries. Kangoo Jumps considerably reduce the damage caused by running, thanks to rebound soles fitted with an impact protection system. However, aerobics sessions, for example, can be particularly full-on because you jump without stopping. Your heart rate increases as much as during traditional running, and you easily boost your performance! When you start, you have to get used to the weight of the shoes and not be afraid of falls, but they basically never happen.

Strong legs and buttocks

The first Kangoo Power workouts are pretty tiring, because you’re working your musculature and your cardio-vascular and respiratory systems, increasing their capacity. However, you’ll soon see that bounding like a kangaroo shapes your legs and thighs, gives you nice strong buttocks, and abdominal muscles that can face any test, and it improves your balance and your posture. There’s nothing like it for having a great figure.

Kangoo Power is a fun sport, which takes you back to childhood with the same feeling of freedom that you get when you cut loose on a trampoline. When you finish your session, you’ve burned lots of calories and you have a great feeling of total relaxation.


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