The Landmark London, timeless London style

In the centre of the elegant area of Marylebone, behind the fascinating facade of a historic establishment that has been brought up to date, is one of the finest hotels in London. A top-hatted doorman greets you when you arrive, and you enter to discover the superb atrium, eight storeys high and ornamented by palm trees. The entrance sets the tone; here, the luxury and comfort are equalled only by the excellent service.

When you cross the threshold of the hotel The Landmark London, you walk into a legendary establishment created in 1899. You also enter a universe where your senses will, throughout your stay, experience the most exquisite sensations. How can I describe it? It deserves every superlative; the decor is sumptuous, the atmosphere is unique, the cuisine is excellent, and the location is very pleasant.

I could not imagine a better place to wake up and have my breakfast. Nobody could resist the beauty of the winter garden, which houses a large, airy restaurant with tables a good distance apart, and which offers, under the cupola of a glass roof, the privilege of an unexpected delight – seeing the London sky! This spot, where most meals are served and where you can take part in the typically English tradition of afternoon tea, allows you to enjoy the calm and forget the hurly-burly of the capital city. I dallied there so that, like the ladies of yesteryear, I could enjoy my afternoon tea and let myself be transported into another time, dreaming that I was in a Victorian glasshouse. An unforgettable enclave which, once night falls, transforms itself into a glamorous and romantic spot.

However the charm of the hotel can’t be simplified to just that! The rooms are distinguished not only by the elegance of their decor, with touches of luxury such as the bathroom in Italian marble, the elegant furniture and the walls hung with paintings, but also by their size and the views they offer, thanks to their little balconies which give onto the exterior or interior of the building, depending on the location of the room.

If you are in search of a lovely ambiance for an evening, go and tread the floor of the iconic Mirror Bar, which, with its cosy, old-school decor, will plunge you into nostalgia. After an evening here, if you still need to relax, head for the spa for an unforgettable journey into peace. You can recharge your batteries before you set off on your city visit.

There is no shortage of reasons to have a break in this, one of the jewels of London. A truly Epicurean experience; that is my memory of my stay at the hotel that is The Landmark London.


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