The Meaning of Mindfulness – You’ve Heard About It, But What Does It Mean To Be Mindful?

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The very word ‘mindfulness’ has taken an impressive upward shift in popularity in recent years, even though there is nothing particularly ‘new’ about the concept of being mindful. In today’s somewhat chaotic society, it comes as no surprise that people are turning to the idea of mindfulness as a way to relax, escape, and truly find a deeper meaning within themselves.

Once reserved as a sort of ‘yoga slang’ for people who practiced regular meditation, mindfulness, at its very core, is simply ‘the act of being mindful.’ That’s easy enough to understand, but it’s what being mindful means that can actually be different for everyone. You don’t have to be an experienced yoga master, or even meditate everyday to experience and practice mindfulness in your own life, and there is no ‘secret key’ for tapping into your own mind. You can use mindfulness to your advantage on a daily basis, whether you’re at work, or at home. Check out these helpful tips when it comes to being more mindful, and the next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed, give them a try.

Breathe Deeply

Pay attention to your breathing. You don’t need to practice any special breathing techniques or patterns, but simply try to notice how you’re breathing for a few minutes, from the slow pace of each inhale and exhale, to the way your chest and belly rise and fall. Simply slowing down and noticing your breathing patterns can help you fall into a deeper state of mind.

Don’t Feel The Need To Act

Your mind is different from everyone else’s. What you think about doesn’t have to have an action or reaction to it. Let yourself drift into your thoughts without feeling like they might have a deeper meaning than they really do.

Be More Aware

There are times of day, or certain activities we do that tend to make us ‘zone out,’ whether we’re staring at a computer, sitting in traffic, or brushing our teeth. Try to pay attention to these instances where you typically zone out, and instead, practice being present in the moment. Bring more direct awareness to those activities; what you’re doing, what you’re feeling, and how you’re feeling. Let your thoughts take over, instead of ‘nothingness.’

There is no ‘magic’ trick when it comes to being more mindful, and there is no one way to get started, or necessarily ‘get better’ at it, other than choosing to make an effort to be more self-aware and present in each moment. However, mindfulness itself is a great way to bring a few calmer, reflective moments into your life each day, and can reduce stress levels, leaving you more focused, energised, and ready to take on every moment.


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