Mövenpick Resort Petra: a wonderful setting, with marvels at every turn

Any visit to Jordan must, I feel, include a halt at Petra, which is a true national treasure. The moment one enters this city, considered by UNESCO to be a part of world heritage, one falls immediately under its spell. As one wanders through this archaeological site, amongst the tombs, temples and theatres, one’s sense of wonder only grows. The splendour of this treasure was enhanced for me by the wisdom of my French-speaking guide, revealing unsuspected marvels at every turn of the paths.

Located opposite the entrance to the historic city of Petra, the Mövenpick Resort Petra offers an ideal refuge for a stay in these iconic surroundings. This complex truly represents the spirit of the region, with its decoration of natural stone, hand-carved wood, and textiles and textures inspired by the Middle East. As you cross the threshold, the opulence of the hotel’s decor takes over, every space revealing a special character of its own. From the Al Maqa’ad bar, sumptuously decorated as if straight from the tales of the Thousand and One Nights; at the Al Iwan restaurant, offering refined Mediterranean cuisine and crowned the best restaurant in Jordan, you are sure to be enchanted. The lobby lounge, bathed in a soft light that caresses its marble decoration, invites one to relax after an intense day of exploring the archaeological site. Everywhere one looks, every time one raises one’s eyes, the beauty of the place is a delight.

The enchantment extends to the guest rooms, each as romantic, elegant, comfortable and modern as the next. Relaxation is certain. The art of good living is truly understood here, where exceptional hospitality and the sensory celebration of every instant propels this establishment to the top of my list of favourite hotels.


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