Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha, an unforgettable gem in the heart of Hanoi

In elegant urban premises that combine modernity and authenticity, the Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha is where the dynamism of the old quarter of Hanoi meets the art of living à la française, close to the iconic sights of the city.

The rooms, studios and suites are very inviting, with clean, unfussy decor, and each is equipped with everything you need. They offer breathtaking views of the city, bringing a matchless charm to every moment of your stay. Day and night, the capital pulses with life. As the sun sets, tens of thousands of lights brighten the darkness, offering a magical, captivating spectacle to watch from your room, from the restaurant or from the terrace.

Room 2509, in which I had the privilege of staying, was decorated in a minimalist style, but with uncompromising comfort for total relaxation. It also had a kitchen and a walk-in wardrobe, making it an ideal space for either a passing visit or a long stay.

But the Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha is more than just its exceptional guest accommodation. This establishment is also a place for meeting and sharing, where you can enjoy refined and varied cuisine that blends local flavours with international influences. Whether it’s for a business lunch or a romantic dinner, every meal enjoyed between its walls is an unforgettable taste experience.
And for those seeking relaxation, the spa invites you on a sensory voyage, where well-being takes its rightful place and tensions fade away. Here, the balance between mind and body is reflected in the ultramodern fitness centre. A haven of peace, where any excuses for not working out during your getaway just naturally cease to apply.

The Novotel Thai Ha; more than a hotel, it’s an experience. It allows you to savour an alliance between the charm of Hanoi and French-style elegance. An opportunity to get away from it all in perfect simplicity, and to forget, for the length of your stay, the passing of time.


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