The Régie Ottoman, a boutique hotel of character

Right in the heart of Istanbul’s old city, a building that once housed the Ottoman régie (imperial bureau of tobacco) conceals the very chic Régie Ottoman boutique hotel. The moment you step inside, the decor sets the tone for an experience that cannot help but delight.

The establishment has made a choice to retain the spirit of the place. The rooms subtly combine modernity with the imprint of the past, deftly acknowledging their debt to a bygone era, a memory, a heritage. The walls, which are of brick, tell of the building’s first life. Boldly combined with contemporary fittings, they offer comfort and well-being. The architect has created a welcoming and authentic ambiance, a stone’s throw from historic sites such as the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia mosque, the Topkapi palace and the Grand Bazaar. If you could be seduced by the idea of falling asleep in a space where the opulence of the Ottoman period flirts with Turkish modernity, and if you prefer to keep well clear of mass tourism, you will be delighted with this jewel-box preserved a stone’s throw from the effervescence of Istanbul’s top cultural attractions.

At the Régie Ottoman, your day starts gently with a breakfast, served in your room, that is both gargantuan and tasty. The culinary experiment of combining Turkish specialities with sweet treats is a great success. Apart from the hotel’s sensory delights, you will find that a warm welcome awaits from the staff, who are as pleasant and kind as could be.

This is the ideal place to appreciate Turkish hospitality, and to find yourself at the heart of a city that is both bewitching and mysterious.


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