Santorini – the jewel of the Cyclades, or not?

Santorini has a reputation for being the romantic destination par excellence. I dreamed for a long time of its villages of white houses and its blue domes, perched high above steep cliffs, and the laid-back lifestyle shown in so many Instagram photos. I wanted it to be my turn to immerse myself in this much-hyped world; I imagined myself tasting cheap and delicious Greek cooking every day, experiencing the authenticity of the country and, of course, getting a tan at the beach.

When I got there, I realised that you can easily do the whole island in two or three days. I also found that the beaches aren’t really beautiful. The island has been taken over by the tourists, so that even the sunset has become a tourist attraction. So is it cheap? Well, no; everything is relatively expensive.

Still, although the reality didn’t match the image, I really liked Santorini. After all, how could anyone be left cold by the Aegean Sea and its shades of blue? And there’s such a contrast between the troglodyte homes and the luxury hotels! It definitely is a romantic place, especially when night is falling and the island is immersed in copper-bronze rays of sun.

And I’ve noted some good spots that you’ll love if you decide to explore the Queen of the Cyclades.

The Cavo Tagoo Santorini hotel, in the village of Imerovigli, is the very essence of prestige, with its infinity pool where the only horizon is the breathtaking beauty of the Aegean.

Before you visit the capital, Fira, book a table at the Restaurant Bar Classico, the perfect spot for watching the sun go down while delighting your taste buds.

In the luxurious Canaves Oia hotel is the Petra Restaurant, which overlooks the caldera. The sophisticated dishes are skilfully prepared, and served on a candle-lit terrace. We went there as a group of girls, but it was immediately apparent that it’s really more of a romantic rendezvous.

For an exceptional stay on Santorini: Think in terms of a short stay, and preferably a romantic one. Getting the most out of your trip includes advance planning, so set your budget according to your planned activities, to avoid surprises.


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