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Eating disorders: Anorexia

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Eating too much or too little – bulimia and anorexia, two extreme pathologies in our relationship with food, affect primarily adolescent girls and young women. A combination of factors lies at the origin of eating disorders, and the psychological aspect is the most important of these. The example of anorexia illustrates the point. Like all illnesses of a psychological nature, anorexia is difficult to pin down or treat. However, since…

The tyranny of slimming, or the utopia of a perfect body?

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The fashion industry is cruel. It dismisses physical diversity, glorifies ultra-skinny models and, to a background of unrealistic expectations about the perfect body, destroys everybody who doesn’t look like that. That explains the obsession with wanting to perfect your appearance at any cost, even if it means trampling on reality to achieve perfection. A lot of women who are just not built to be supermodels set out down that road…