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Alternatives to milk of animal origin

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Containing large amounts of lactose and casein, dairy milk is causing more and more dietary allergies. Some consumers have also turned away from it for ethic reasons. How can you replace the nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins provided by dairy milk? There are alternatives! A wide choice of vegetable milks Soya or soy milk is starting to be widely known, but it’s a long way from being the only vegetable-based…

Cheese Lover or Addict?

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Do you madly crave cheese? Does the thought of a cheese platter make you salivate? Do you compulsively eat a whole slab of cheese at one sitting and then feel guilty afterwards? Well, you might call yourself a cheese lover, but some scientists claim you’re a cheese addict, hooked on what they refer to as ‘dairy crack’. “That’s ridiculous!” I hear you say. “How can cheese be addictive?” Well, according…