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Welcome to the Health Bar!

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Every kind of addiction and dependence – that’s been the guiding theme of this site throughout 2015. How to relate to them, how to treat them, and also how to prevent them for the sake of your health. It’s an important subject, because our free will and our freedom hang in the balance when addiction starts to dictate what we do. It’s not our style to give way to naive…

Cheese Lover or Addict?

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Do you madly crave cheese? Does the thought of a cheese platter make you salivate? Do you compulsively eat a whole slab of cheese at one sitting and then feel guilty afterwards? Well, you might call yourself a cheese lover, but some scientists claim you’re a cheese addict, hooked on what they refer to as ‘dairy crack’. “That’s ridiculous!” I hear you say. “How can cheese be addictive?” Well, according…

Soap addiction – a slippery sort of dependence

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In this post we’re talking about addiction to soap operas. The French have a word for it – “sériephilie”, or “sériphile addict” to borrow a phrase from sociologist Clément Combes. The very idea of soap addiction makes some people smile. So who’s hidden behind the label? A person who loses control of their consumption of television series, to the point where their social life is affected. And we have to…

Running dependence. It’s a real addiction

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This example of addiction may cause a few smiles. Dedicated runners are among the first to laugh at themselves, describing their regular outings as a drug fix. Behind all this joking, though, maybe there’s a basis of truth? The paradox here is that running is supposed to improve our physical condition, making us well and healthy. Once again, it’s doing it repeatedly that can take us over the line. To…

The thrill of metamorphosis – dependence on cosmetic surgery

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Models who show off their ultra-slim figures on the catwalks of Fashion Weeks, the war waged by cosmetics manufacturers and their miracle products, the bikini manoeuvres joyously recommenced every year by the media, and so on. In a society where looks are more important than personality, it’s clear that cosmetic surgery still has a great future, to the point where a new concept has emerged in recent years – cosmetic…