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Tattoos: Fashion, Passion or Addiction?

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Once regarded as vulgar and lurid adornments fit only for sailors, criminals and rock stars, tattoos have become increasingly socially acceptable in recent years. Body art is a practice stretching back more than 5000 years, having religious and tribal roots. Here in the 21st century it’s become almost mainstream, attracting growing numbers of passionate enthusiasts, including many trendsetting celebrities. Inevitably, this has led to controversy, with some psychoanalysts suggesting the…

The Many Dangers of Solvent Abuse

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It’s a cheap, widely available and legal high, and therefore especially attractive to young people who may find it difficult to get hold of illicit drugs. But make no mistake, solvent abuse is extremely dangerous. It can kill, quickly and without warning. Solvents can be found in most homes, in such everyday products as lighter fluid, nail polish remover, correcting fluid, paint thinners and glue. The vapours from such preparations…