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When stress becomes pathological

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Our consumer society is a major supplier of stress. We shouldn’t misjudge its effects. Is it pathological (a disease or medical condition) or not? There are conflicting opinions, but the effects of stress are well known. At what point does stress become pathological? It’s difficult to say, but it can be considered pathological when it becomes chronic. Don’t get the wrong idea – we’ve all felt physical effects during a…

The superpowers of sleep

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Irritability, stress, feeling jumpy … these are the most obvious consequences of lack of sleep, which everybody has experienced at some time. Sleep deprivation also forms part of the most effective tortures dreamt up by dictatorial regimes. In many ways, sleep is really restorative. “Did you sleep badly? Did you get out of bed on the wrong side?” Popular common sense often reminds us that lack of sleep affects our…