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The philosophy here at Nu O’Clock is to give a boost to health in all its forms. And with Valentine’s Day nearly here, we’ve put together a suitably romantic package for you. Romantic – but lite Strawberry and chocolate duo Low in calories, and as aphrodisiac as you could want, chocolate-coated strawberries have become THE essential romantic dessert. A little square of happiness Do you fancy a snack that will…

Self-esteem, a source of emotional independence

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Anne-France Huret, a psychologist who specialises in family and couple therapy, has some words of advice on making the transition from emotional dependence on the object of your affections (the intense “us” experienced at the start) to emotional independence; the “me / myself / I” which is more fulfilling in the long term. It’s a process with several stages, but working on your self-esteem is the most important of these….

Being alone – you can get through it!

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When solitude hurts… It’s well known that “man is by nature a social animal”. This famous maxim is attributed to Aristotle, who seems to have been blind to a huge chunk of reality, because today more and more people complain of loneliness and try to escape it. They have developed defence mechanisms to guarantee that they’re always in company – multiple romances, total submission to a partner, living with their…

Meet Natalie Edwards: The Freedom Expert

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Natalie Edwards is a Women’s Personal Development Coach, writer, speaker, and certified Forrest Yoga & iRest Meditation teacher. Originally from Britain, Natalie works one-on-one with her clients to lift them out of a pit of confusion and self-doubt into to a higher plane of confidence and freedom. Natalie helps them to design, build, and live lives that are completely on their own terms. I had the chance to connect with…

Haluk piyes: The solution is this “vaccination” of love

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Haluk Piyes. This multifaceted Turkish-German actor/director is also a social counsellor who specialises in the struggle against drug abuse and high-risk behaviour on the part of teenagers.   Haluk Piyes is not just an actor in his prime, but also fully committed to his cause. He’s an artist, but also a man with a heart. He candidly told us about his work with…