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Food should not be a (false!) source of comfort

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Is there anybody who hasn’t pounced on a bar of chocolate or a cake when they’ve been under stress or something sad has happened? Our emotions often get the upper hand, creating a feeling of hunger that has nothing to do with our body’s real needs. So, what’s the best way to stop “emotional eating”? Identify your emotions As is often the case, the first step towards avoiding a vicious…

Beating The Bloat – Tips To Help Your Belly Feel Flat

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Chances are, we all experience bloating from time to time. Even the fittest people in the world aren’t immune to feeling as though their stomach is stretched. The sensation is not weight gain though. Bloating is actually a type of swelling in our stomachs, caused mostly by gas. While it’s not exactly fun to think about, the fact is, we all have to deal with it once in a while,…

Unexplained fatigue – when should you worry?

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Your body shows signs of fatigue when you make major demands on it, for example at the end of a working day, after a sports activity, or the day after you go out to a night club. We don’t have to look far for an explanation for this normal tiredness, but what’s going on when somebody feels chronic fatigue for no particular reason? Who is affected? Today, internal medicine takes…

When stress becomes pathological

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Our consumer society is a major supplier of stress. We shouldn’t misjudge its effects. Is it pathological (a disease or medical condition) or not? There are conflicting opinions, but the effects of stress are well known. At what point does stress become pathological? It’s difficult to say, but it can be considered pathological when it becomes chronic. Don’t get the wrong idea – we’ve all felt physical effects during a…