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Danger, excess sugar! What’s an easy way to go about reducing your sugar consumption?

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There’s too much sugar in our lives! This “feel good” food, at high doses, is a real toxin for the body. However, reducing consumption is much easier than it might seem. Why not try a little detox? Too much! It’s too much! Sugar is practically an addiction in our society. People in France, for example, currently consume 20-30 kg (45-65 pounds) per year per person, compared with a little over…

Reach Out, You Are Not Alone; Jennifer’s Story

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Jennifer Yerhot is in recovery. She’s been addicted to alcohol, painkillers, sugar, diet coke and online shopping, but now she’s clean and life is good. Born into a family of addicts, all now recovering, there was always a chance that Jennifer would have issues. She freely acknowledges her tendency towards addiction, but for too long she tried to deal with it alone. After her jaw was broken by a swinging…

Sweet and sour – the facts of sugar addiction

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Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? Do you find yourself peering through the windows of bakeries at trays of cakes and buns, and snacking on chocolate bars between meals? Are you salivating even as you read these sentences? Well, you’re not alone. A craving for sweet treats is becoming an increasing problem through the western world. According to the respected market researchers Euromonitor International, in the United States the…