Dominique Bouchet Kyoto 「Le Teppanyaki」, for lovers of fine food

The chef of the remarkable「Le Teppanyaki」restaurant in the Westin Miyako Kyoto knows how to make a gourmet meal into a spectacular event.

“TeppanYaki” simply means “grilling on a flat metal plate”. That’s plain and simple enough, but when it’s done with a French touch, the experience becomes truly unique. Here you can savour Japanese haute cuisine while watching the elements of your meal as they dance through flames, and be astonished by the dexterity of the chef who, as we looked on, concocted delicious tastes based on both French and Japanese culinary traditions. Each plate of food is a true work of art, created at impressive speed as the chef slices, cooks and trims. This ritual, infinitely refined, is the trademark of Dominique Bouchet, a well-known French chef who holds two stars in Tokyo and one in Paris.

The culinary spectacle tells you that dinner will be a success, and when you start to taste the results they are even more amazing. I can assure you that it was a real treat, both to watch the chef transform the vegetables and fish that I had ordered and to embark on the meal itself! Needless to say, contrary to popular belief, Japanese cuisine certainly isn’t limited to sushi and raw fish.

The experience, made even more irresistible by the attentive service, ended with a strawberry sorbet, an array of little “petit four” cakes, and Japanese tea. I’ll leave you to guess whether I asked for more of the petit fours…


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