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Memory and dependence – when addiction causes amnesia

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Behind many instances of memory loss lie addictions, whether to psychoactive substances, or to technology, or a food-related addiction. All forms of dependence, whether physical or emotional, have an effect on our mental state. Each addiction has its own effect, and some are lot nastier than others… Addiction to psychoactive substances As we said in our article about psychoactive substances, drug addiction has undesirable effects and is particularly harmful to…

Who is most vulnerable to addiction – men or women?

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Anybody who gets involved in the debate about equality or about the differences between women and men is entering a world of confusion. As the time of gender equality has come, is it possible to see men and women as just humans? Receiving equal treatment ought to be everybody’s legitimate right. However, from birth onwards our bodies are either one gender or the other, and the behaviour of the two…

Alcohol Dependence: a Different Approach with Bach Flowers

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Hanane: “Ever since childhood, I have cultivated empathy” Hanane is a Reiki practitioner and a Bach Flowers consultant. After completing her studies in psychology, she continued to develop and expand her skills, with the sole purpose of understanding the hardships and difficulties of others. In a world where individualism is rampant, Hanane espouses compassion. Find out who she is, her areas of specialization and, in particular, how she can guide…