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Unexplained fatigue – when should you worry?

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Your body shows signs of fatigue when you make major demands on it, for example at the end of a working day, after a sports activity, or the day after you go out to a night club. We don’t have to look far for an explanation for this normal tiredness, but what’s going on when somebody feels chronic fatigue for no particular reason? Who is affected? Today, internal medicine takes…

Bibliotherapy : Reading For Health

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Heard of bibliotherapy? Surprisingly few people have, yet it’s a remarkably effective healing tool, helping to alleviate anxiety and depression. Expressed simply, bibliotherapy is about reading your way to health. Reading is, to the mind, what exercising is to the body; a means of building and maintaining wellbeing. A good book is engrossing, stimulating and satisfying. Moreover, as all subjects have been covered in book form, bibliotherapy can be informative…