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Making the Return to Fitness

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Getting back into a good fitness regime can seem daunting, especially if you’ve been out of one for a while. From taking small steps to thinking about ways to make fitness more fun, read on for some top motivation tips for heading back to the gym. Small Steps By setting yourself unachievable targets will almost certainly set you up for a fail. Getting your fitness levels back is never immediate….

How can you combat the syndrome of hypochondria?

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Who wouldn’t want to be fit and well? It’s certainly a reasonable desire, but today’s society has made well-being, fitness and health into an obsession reinforced by media such as publicity, television and magazines. The number of people affected by hypochondria is increasing with every passing year, reinforced by new weight-loss programs, new dietary supplements, and new products to make you look younger. This obsession with having a perfectly healthy…

Let’s talk about health and junk food addiction….with Kayla Itsines

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Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer. At the age of 23, she has a following of millions of Internet users from the four corners of the world. No media fanfare or extravagance, just a passion that seems to have no frontiers – today Kayla receives tour offers from all over the world! What is it that charms the 2.7 million fans who follow her daily life on Instagram, and…