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The pomegranate, a fruit with antioxidant properties

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A symbol of fertility since ancient times, the pomegranate has always been part of man’s therapeutic arsenal. Now science is taking an interest and its antioxidant properties are being studied. Let’s take a quick look at what antioxidants are. They’re molecules that are found in a lot of foods, which have the ability to capture the free radicals responsible for ageing. Antioxidants also help to reduce cholesterol levels, and to…

Stating a case for the avocado and its benefits

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The avocado, or alligator pear, is an attractive green fruit with a number of benefits. Don’t miss out. You like avocados? Us too. Do you feel guilty when you eat them? Us too … well, a bit. They have a high fat content, being the source of avocado oil with its widely-recognised anti-aging properties, so they’re something to leave out of your diet if you’re watching your weight, and of…

Delicious Smoothies – All Under 200 kcal!

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Smoothies are a great way to pack a nutritional punch, especially on the go – it’s the ultimate ‘healthy fast food!’ Whether you need a hearty, healthy breakfast, or an energy-packed snack, a smoothie is a quick, easy way to stay healthy and happy, no matter where you are. Typically, a smoothie is made from fruits and/or vegetables, and blended together with water, ice, some type of dairy, etc. This…

Antioxidants – our allies against ageing

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The effects of ageing are the result of the release within our bodies of free radicals which damage our cells. The solution is on your plate, in the form of antioxidants that neutralise these particles. The production of free radicals is a normal part of the way our body works. However pollution, cigarette smoking, stress and too much sun can increase the rate at which they’re released, causing an imbalance…