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Gratitude and patience are closely linked, according to an American study

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or Be grateful and it’ll make you patient! A study by an American psychologist looking for a link between patience and the level of gratitude that people feel towards others has prompted me to do some serious thinking. Here are the main points of the study, and its astonishing conclusion. David DeSteno, a researcher at Northeastern University, asked 105 volunteers to carry out a task using a computer – which…

The first issue of NUOCLOCK Magazine is out now!

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The Alkaline Diet, a route to well-being

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Every year, in fact every season, our media stars get passionate about a new diet, sometimes a totally outlandish one. However this time, the alkaline diet they’re promoting is good news. It is a weight-loss diet, but more than that, it’s a new way to eat that’s healthier and better adapted to the body’s real needs. It’s often the solution to all our little everyday aches and pains. It means…