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17 January 2020

Roux at The Landau, an exceptional place

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Roux at the Landau has installed itself in the prestigious Langham Hotel, in the heart of the elegant Marylebone district. When I walked into this hotel, which was built in 1865, I knew at once that I would find dining in its restaurant to be a unique gastronomic experience, because a successful dinner starts with an appeal to the eye. It is impossible not to surrender to the charm of…

The Sloane Square Hotel, a gem in Chelsea

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Nestling in the heart of the residential district of Chelsea, the Sloane Square Hotel is located in a historic building constructed at the beginning of the 20th century. It was previously a favourite of stars such as the Beatles, and it is still a must-see for anyone looking for elegance and sophistication. It is impossible not to fall for the enchanting charm of its detailing, which recalls the finest hours…