Belgium’s H2O Challenge – in February, Belgians drink water for their Tournée Minérale

A month without drinking alcohol – that’s the challenge set by the Belgian Foundation Against Cancer for their “Tournée Minérale”. Starting on February 1st, 100,000 people committed themselves to giving up alcohol for one month, and to making a donation for research.

Live well without alcohol

Last year, the first such event attracted 120,000 participants. By combining activism with fun, it showed many of them that they can survive without alcohol and be none the worse for it! Amongst the benefits claimed by the organisers and experienced by the participants are better sleep, increased energy, weight loss, substantial savings, a luminous complexion, and no more of those unglamorous hangovers the morning after.

A little, a lot, passionately

Clearly it’s about more than raising money, to the tune of 170,000 euros in 2017. The objective of the Tournée Minérale is also to raise awareness of the health risks caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. The campaign isn’t aimed at people who are already dependent on alcohol and need specialised support, but at everyone who drinks a little, a lot, or passionately, on nights out or elsewhere. Because the problem goes well beyond the hangovers and the usual inconveniences. People who drink too much are also at risk of much more serious things – alcohol addiction, serious liver problems, cancer, etc.

A booster injection

The experiment last year was a success. During the months that followed, the participants who were questioned confirmed that they had moderated their consumption of alcohol. However, in this area as in many others, it’s always useful to boost your immunity. Whether you’re in Belgium or elsewhere, offering to buy a round always goes down well … but in February in Brussels, it’s mineral water only!


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