Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, an exclusive location in the heart of London

In the heart of London’s West End, the Hyatt Regency London reserves for those who cross its threshold an exclusive journey in the steps of the unforgettable Sir Winston Churchill. It’s one of those locations that awakes all the emotions, and which is spoken of in hushed tones by lovers of luxurious pleasures. This hotel, which pays homage to the great historical figure whose elegance is reflected in its walls, is certainly a luxurious pleasure!

This establishment radiates magnificence. It’s in the upmarket district of Marylebone, just a few steps from Oxford Street, one of the great shopping thoroughfares of London. Whatever you want your London story to be, whether you’re looking for something dynamic, something calm, fine food or just the ideal place to stay, this haven blends quality and refinement. It ticks all the right boxes.

I was able to treat myself to a London break as in the good old days, but fifteen years after my last visit. I decided to concentrate on exploring those little joys of life in London, and I started right away when I woke up, opting for a generous gourmet breakfast before even getting out of bed. From the way the hotel provided me with this moment of pure happiness, you could almost believe they knew how much I love this particular meal. It wasn’t easy to get out of the soft bed and leave my cosy room, but when London calls, you have to respond!

But not without first thanking the staff who, throughout my stay, were always extremely pleasant.

And I nearly forgot to mention the sublime Churchill Bar, with its Art Deco style to which the architects have added nostalgic glamour with velvet, glimpses of love letters exchanged by Churchill and Clemmie, and other details that reflect the style of the illustrious Prime Minister. In this exceptional environment, it is impossible to resist the bar’s Cuban-themed specialties.

Needless to say, I was in no rush to leave this atmosphere!

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