It’s time for tea at the Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul

As soon as I entered the Ritz-Carlton Istanbul, on this sunny Monday, I knew at once that this hotel would enchant me just like the other Ritz hotels.

Ideally located in the very heart of the city, the hotel offers a magnificent panorama of the Bosphorus. How could anyone resist the magic of the place? When you’re surrounded by its Turkish-themed decor, it’s very easy to drift away amongst the comfortable sofas, lulled by the romance of what is happening before your eyes and by soft music in the background.

You can expect the enchantment to continue in the Atelier Lounge. On the menu you will find a number of Mediterranean dishes alongside a selection of patisserie and mini sandwiches. Afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton Istanbul is an opportunity to treat yourself to a delightful sweet or savoury break, in an atmosphere where Ottoman luxury flirts with the latest Turkish style.

Added to the exceptional surroundings and the gastronomic experience is a level of service that is both professional and truly representative of a country where hospitality is considered an art as well as a duty.

Don’t hesitate to go through the restaurant and out onto the terrace which, with its big picture windows, offers a very nice view of this magical city. I find it hard to describe the feeling of being in Europe but with Asia laid out before you. Like a tableau made up of palaces, fortresses, mosques and all the colours of the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a city you can look at forever.

And that’s the end of our Afternoon Tea. All good things come to an end, but nothing need stop us repeating the experience!



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