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Self-esteem, a source of emotional independence

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Anne-France Huret, a psychologist who specialises in family and couple therapy, has some words of advice on making the transition from emotional dependence on the object of your affections (the intense “us” experienced at the start) to emotional independence; the “me / myself / I” which is more fulfilling in the long term. It’s a process with several stages, but working on your self-esteem is the most important of these….

Detoxing after the festive season

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“Definitely, no question about it. After all that end-of-year partying, I’m going on a new diet to eliminate excess and toxins, and get started on a new basis.” This particular New Year’s resolution seldom lasts very long. The reason is that it’s hard to go from one extreme to another, and your body finds it difficult to cope with a drastic change of diet. If you want your post-New Year…

Welcome to the Health Bar!

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Every kind of addiction and dependence – that’s been the guiding theme of this site throughout 2015. How to relate to them, how to treat them, and also how to prevent them for the sake of your health. It’s an important subject, because our free will and our freedom hang in the balance when addiction starts to dictate what we do. It’s not our style to give way to naive…