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Every kind of addiction and dependence – that’s been the guiding theme of this site throughout 2015. How to relate to them, how to treat them, and also how to prevent them for the sake of your health. It’s an important subject, because our free will and our freedom hang in the balance when addiction starts to dictate what we do.

It’s not our style to give way to naive optimism, but your “thank you” messages clearly show that the advice we’ve provided has often brought you well-being and solace. And since our site exists only thanks to its readers, we’ve decided to go further and create a new section called “The Health Bar”. If you smiled when you read that name, that suggests you think it could be interesting. And you’re right, because in this “ideas box” you’ll find a lot of practical advice aimed at improving your health, both physical and mental. And you know how closely the two are connected.

Yes, this “Health Bar” is all about sharing and giving. You can dip into it and pick out any of the practical, useful, common sense advice that you like the look of. If you’re familiar with the site, you already know our sources – an effective blend of research, interviews with experts, and personal thoughts that I love sharing with you. You won’t find any poetical flights of fancy or stylistic effects, just specific advice with everyday applications.

I’d also like to take this opportunity simply to say “thank you”. If my ideas and writing have struck a chord with you, if you see the world the same way I do, I’m absolutely delighted. It means that in a society which is too often dominated by commercialism and superficiality, in a society plagued by suspicion of the motives of others, there is still a place for relationships which are lasting, open and real. It means that generosity, sharing and altruism are more than just words.

What are my hopes today, with the year 2016 about to begin? It goes without saying that I want to preserve the liberty that is so dear to us. I also hope that you’ll share plenty of memorable times with those close to you, and with people who aren’t so close. I hope you experience love and friendship in the most humane society possible.



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