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Coconut oil – beauty and health tips

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Long overlooked or given a bad press, coconut oil is coming into its own at last. Packed with good qualities, it’s becoming an essential ingredient for both sweet and savoury recipes, but also, and more importantly, for your beauty regime. Here are some of its advantages… The benefits of coconut oil Coconut oil extracted from the kernel or meat of the coconut by cold pressing is slightly cloudy; solid below…

Self-esteem, a source of emotional independence

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Anne-France Huret, a psychologist who specialises in family and couple therapy, has some words of advice on making the transition from emotional dependence on the object of your affections (the intense “us” experienced at the start) to emotional independence; the “me / myself / I” which is more fulfilling in the long term. It’s a process with several stages, but working on your self-esteem is the most important of these….

Welcome to the Health Bar!

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Every kind of addiction and dependence – that’s been the guiding theme of this site throughout 2015. How to relate to them, how to treat them, and also how to prevent them for the sake of your health. It’s an important subject, because our free will and our freedom hang in the balance when addiction starts to dictate what we do. It’s not our style to give way to naive…

Bibliotherapy : Reading For Health

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Heard of bibliotherapy? Surprisingly few people have, yet it’s a remarkably effective healing tool, helping to alleviate anxiety and depression. Expressed simply, bibliotherapy is about reading your way to health. Reading is, to the mind, what exercising is to the body; a means of building and maintaining wellbeing. A good book is engrossing, stimulating and satisfying. Moreover, as all subjects have been covered in book form, bibliotherapy can be informative…

How can you combat the syndrome of hypochondria?

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Who wouldn’t want to be fit and well? It’s certainly a reasonable desire, but today’s society has made well-being, fitness and health into an obsession reinforced by media such as publicity, television and magazines. The number of people affected by hypochondria is increasing with every passing year, reinforced by new weight-loss programs, new dietary supplements, and new products to make you look younger. This obsession with having a perfectly healthy…