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Self-esteem, a source of emotional independence

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Anne-France Huret, a psychologist who specialises in family and couple therapy, has some words of advice on making the transition from emotional dependence on the object of your affections (the intense “us” experienced at the start) to emotional independence; the “me / myself / I” which is more fulfilling in the long term. It’s a process with several stages, but working on your self-esteem is the most important of these….

When stress becomes pathological

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Our consumer society is a major supplier of stress. We shouldn’t misjudge its effects. Is it pathological (a disease or medical condition) or not? There are conflicting opinions, but the effects of stress are well known. At what point does stress become pathological? It’s difficult to say, but it can be considered pathological when it becomes chronic. Don’t get the wrong idea – we’ve all felt physical effects during a…

Bore-out: How could boredom make you ill?

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We’ve all heard of burn-out at work. Well, now there’s bore-out. It’s an expression that might make you smile if it didn’t conceal a reality that’s too often suppressed. In a work environment, burn-out is linked to having too much to do, but bore-out is about the tedium of being under-occupied at work. Let’s look at the pathology of a problem that affects a good number of employees. Not everybody…

The first issue of NUOCLOCK Magazine is out now!

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Psychoactive Substances – When Pleasure Gives Way to Nightmare

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According to Wikipedia, a psychoactive drug is any substance that affects the brain. There’s a very long list of them, which unfortunately gets longer all the time. Some are legal (alcohol, tobacco, etc) and some are medically prescribed (codeine, for example), but some are forbidden or controlled (including cocaine and cannabis). This post is about the risks of using and abusing substances in the third category, the illegal drugs. Drugs…