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Mindfulness and weight loss

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Mindfulness – a slimming technique which gives results without starving yourself Doctors and psychologists agree that paying full attention to the present moment and the pleasure of eating will let you get back to a healthy and straightforward relationship with food. It’s an internal “mindfulness” experiment that we will now describe. Re-establish contact with your senses The practice of mindfulness is about using a set of mental exercises to be…

The mulberry and natural weight-loss

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Mulberries are not only sweet and tasty; they’re also unusually rich in iron and calcium, and in fibre and protein. In traditional Chinese medicine, they are prescribed to tone up the blood, treat constipation, cure colds and delay the arrival of grey hair. Some substances recently discovered in the mulberry are able to help your body with weight loss, without starving it. A weighty discovery A study by researchers at…