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25 February 2015

Fame addiction – An interview with Mariano Di Vaio

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An interview with Mariano Di Vaio, actor and model For anybody who has risen fast to become prominent in a work or media environment, dependence on celebrity can be a risk factor for psychological, emotional and family problems. Celebrities in the worlds of entertainment, sport or business are vulnerable to the potential dangers of over-exposure in the media, which often very quickly affect their careers and their lives. People in…

Sport: From Pleasure to Addiction

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The health benefits of regular physical activity have been shown in many studies. Unfortunately, we live in a society that is becoming increasingly sedentary, and as a result unhealthy. Therefore, significant health benefits can be obtained by being physically active. However, it’s easy to take the desire to exercise too far, leading to compulsive behavior or even the addiction colloquially known as ‘Bigorexia’. As with other addictive behaviors, ‘bigorexia’ can…