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Cannabis as part of everyday life

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The trivialisation of cannabis – would you like a little joint? Of all the psychoactive substances, cannabis is one the most often tried by young people, with a first experience around the age of 14. Easily available, it has already attracted 17 million people in France, and it has become commonplace. Today, smoking a joint is almost an everyday act, but it carries certain risks. Most young people seem unaware…

Alcohol Dependence: a Different Approach with Bach Flowers

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Hanane: “Ever since childhood, I have cultivated empathy” Hanane is a Reiki practitioner and a Bach Flowers consultant. After completing her studies in psychology, she continued to develop and expand her skills, with the sole purpose of understanding the hardships and difficulties of others. In a world where individualism is rampant, Hanane espouses compassion. Find out who she is, her areas of specialization and, in particular, how she can guide…

Haluk piyes: The solution is this “vaccination” of love

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Haluk Piyes. This multifaceted Turkish-German actor/director is also a social counsellor who specialises in the struggle against drug abuse and high-risk behaviour on the part of teenagers.   Haluk Piyes is not just an actor in his prime, but also fully committed to his cause. He’s an artist, but also a man with a heart. He candidly told us about his work with…

Addiction and Modeling: An Interview with Model Benjamin Hall.

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He’s a fashion model, actor, and Australian! Ben began his career in the oil and gas industry, but, feeling unfulfilled, he started searching for a change in lifestyle. He soon found his calling in modeling and acting and decided to quit his office job to pursue his new career. I recently met with Benjamin to discuss addiction in the fashion industry and why we should challenge our preconceived ideas about…

Psychoactive Substances – When Pleasure Gives Way to Nightmare

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According to Wikipedia, a psychoactive drug is any substance that affects the brain. There’s a very long list of them, which unfortunately gets longer all the time. Some are legal (alcohol, tobacco, etc) and some are medically prescribed (codeine, for example), but some are forbidden or controlled (including cocaine and cannabis). This post is about the risks of using and abusing substances in the third category, the illegal drugs. Drugs…