Kyoto Yura Hotel – MGallery: An enchanting invitation to travel through time

Kyoto is at the heart of the now-legendary era of the samurai. In the lively district of Sanjo, where you can explore a wealth of heritage from the ancient imperial capital of Japan, a delightful journey awaits guests who step across the threshold of the Kyoto Yura Hotel, one of the MGallery collection. Within its walls, time seems almost to stand still, in a sophisticated world influenced by Japanese culture. It’s the ideal sanctuary for travellers who have a taste for authenticity and contemporary ambiance. On arriving, a sculpture of a bonsai tree meets our eyes, and there is no doubt that our stay will be peaceful, balanced and harmonious. We fall asleep that night dreaming, naturally, of the Japan of old.

The hotel is located right in the heart of the city. It’s in a district noted for its restaurants and boutiques, a delight to the senses of both taste and sight. The proximity of the city’s main tourist spots makes it child’s play to organise outings.

The hotel’s 144 rooms are decorated with a palette of neutral colours, making use of blue accents and Nishijin-ori, the traditional local cloth. They all have a living area with traditional tatami, to which contemporary styling has been applied.

Close attention to detail characterises this hotel concept, and feminine well-being is evidently a priority. There is a range of products, services and attentions to meet the needs of women travellers Female guests are offered a detox drink on arrival, the rooms are perfumed with fragrances, the nail varnish is eco-friendly, there are cosmetic and feminine hygiene products, etc. Of course, the hotel offers a remarkable experience to all guests, not just the ladies.

To appreciate this, one need only go to the 54TH STATION GRILL restaurant, where you can start your day with either a traditional Japanese breakfast or a continental one, while admiring the magnificent garden of bamboos in the middle of the room or simply taking in the beauty of the decor. Second only to providing impeccable hospitality, the hotel’s goal seems to be to dazzle its guests with art and design. All that, linked to the welcome provided by the whole team, makes the Kyoto Yura the sort of experience one dreams of. It’s somewhere between “exotic” and “marvellous”.

Photography: Studio Jade


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