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Antioxidants – our allies against ageing

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The effects of ageing are the result of the release within our bodies of free radicals which damage our cells. The solution is on your plate, in the form of antioxidants that neutralise these particles. The production of free radicals is a normal part of the way our body works. However pollution, cigarette smoking, stress and too much sun can increase the rate at which they’re released, causing an imbalance…

A healthy mind in a healthy body

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Far reaching benefits of a healthy mind in a healthy body We’d all like to live longer, and enjoy good mental and physical health. There is no secret formula when it comes to health and longevity, but I believe that there is some basis in the old adage ‘a healthy mind equals a healthy body’. Taking care of the basics Ensuring that our bodies are fit and healthy and looked…

Chocolate – When a Sweet Love Story Gets Bitter

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Maybe our first question should be “Is it possible to be addicted to chocolate?” CHOCOHOLISM Although many studies have shown that chocolate can contain addictive substances, none has yet proved that it creates dependence. Nutritionists reject the idea and speak instead about unbalanced dietary habits. In this context, I feel like saying that the name is not important. Whether “chocoholism” really exists or not, I know that lots of us…