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Do Words Have the Power to Turn a Life Around?

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Every day of your life, words alter your consciousness. Every time you are stirred by a speech, moved by a poem, captivated by a story or touched by the lyrics of a song it is human thought, encoded in language and conveyed in written or spoken symbols, that is affecting you. So, as language is essentially thought made manifest, can the way we use our own words have an effect…

Fame addiction – An interview with Mariano Di Vaio

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An interview with Mariano Di Vaio, actor and model For anybody who has risen fast to become prominent in a work or media environment, dependence on celebrity can be a risk factor for psychological, emotional and family problems. Celebrities in the worlds of entertainment, sport or business are vulnerable to the potential dangers of over-exposure in the media, which often very quickly affect their careers and their lives. People in…