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The Many Dangers of Solvent Abuse

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It’s a cheap, widely available and legal high, and therefore especially attractive to young people who may find it difficult to get hold of illicit drugs. But make no mistake, solvent abuse is extremely dangerous. It can kill, quickly and without warning. Solvents can be found in most homes, in such everyday products as lighter fluid, nail polish remover, correcting fluid, paint thinners and glue. The vapours from such preparations…

Overcoming Addiction: A Modern Phoenix and Addiction Role Model

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To help others who are overcoming addiction, it helps to have been an addict yourself. Like the Phoenix, Tara arose from the ashes of her former life—a life she had nearly thrown away—to become an inspiration, role model, and counselor. Today, she helps prevent others from sliding down the same slippery slope that she once found herself on and assists addicts in overcoming their addictions. Tara’s story begins in an…

Psychoactive Substances – When Pleasure Gives Way to Nightmare

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According to Wikipedia, a psychoactive drug is any substance that affects the brain. There’s a very long list of them, which unfortunately gets longer all the time. Some are legal (alcohol, tobacco, etc) and some are medically prescribed (codeine, for example), but some are forbidden or controlled (including cocaine and cannabis). This post is about the risks of using and abusing substances in the third category, the illegal drugs. Drugs…