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10 February 2019

Santorini – the jewel of the Cyclades, or not?

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Santorini has a reputation for being the romantic destination par excellence. I dreamed for a long time of its villages of white houses and its blue domes, perched high above steep cliffs, and the laid-back lifestyle shown in so many Instagram photos. I wanted it to be my turn to immerse myself in this much-hyped world; I imagined myself tasting cheap and delicious Greek cooking every day, experiencing the authenticity…

Pollen, the unsung hero of beehive products

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Pollen: A little grain with big benefits Used since time immemorial, beehive products never cease to surprise with the sheer variety of their benefits. We know about honey and royal jelly, but we hear less about pollen. However, with its toning, energising and anti-aging properties, now is more than ever the time to use it! What is pollen? Pollen consists of little yellow, gold and orange spheres, collected by bees…

Healthy, practical, tasty snacks

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So you’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle and decided to keep it up? You don’t want to carry on nibbling just anything that comes along, but you’re even less keen to pay inflated prices for healthy snacks. Let me pass on some healthy recipes that are easy to make. Energy Balls Half a cup of stoned dates Half a cup of sliced almonds A quarter cup (15g) of cocoa powder 1…

Bruges: A city of character that you can explore in a day

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A medieval town in the north of the Flanders plain, Bruges is a true open-air museum. With its winding streets, its authentic little squares and its picturesque canals, the town seems to be right out of a fairy story. The Venice of the North is small, and lends itself easily to a day’s excursions on foot, in a boat or in a horse-drawn carriage. After dark, you can appreciate the…