Pollen, the unsung hero of beehive products

Pollen: A little grain with big benefits

Used since time immemorial, beehive products never cease to surprise with the sheer variety of their benefits. We know about honey and royal jelly, but we hear less about pollen. However, with its toning, energising and anti-aging properties, now is more than ever the time to use it!

What is pollen?

Pollen consists of little yellow, gold and orange spheres, collected by bees as the basis of their diet. These grains are made up of flower pollen, but also a little bee saliva and nectar. They also contain a very high concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and trace elements. That’s why pollen is often presented as a superfood.

What are its benefits?

Thanks to its cocktail of elements, pollen is really useful against fatigue and to forestall little seasonal illnesses, and for endurance and resistance. Its significant anti-oxidant content makes it a strong ally against aging. Depending which flowers were plundered, the properties of the pollen vary slightly. Willow pollen is the most effective in the war against aging.

Pollen for all?

Using pollen doesn’t generally present any problems. However, people who suffer from food allergies are advised to get the right information before consuming it. And at the end of the day, pollen, although it contributes a number of essential elements to health and the prevention of aging, is of course not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet with plenty of fresh produce!

Pollen’s energising, anti-aging and stimulating properties make it a valuable partner all year round, especially with the start of winter shivers, when we start thinking about coughs and colds. That’s when beehive products, with their many virtues, are our best friends.


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