E-Cigarettes are not completely risk-free

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E-Cigarettes have come into popularity in recent years. While most people understand the negative effects caused by smoking, and traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have presented themselves as a “healthier” solution – no black tar, and no smoke. Rather, smokers of e-cigarettes participate in what they call ‘vaping’, where vapors from the cigarette are dispersed into the air, rather than smoke. While e-cigarettes are certainly a more responsible choice when you happen to be in a public location and don’t want to bother those around you with smoke, and keep the tar from traditional cigarettes from your lungs, they certainly are not risk free.

First of all, e-cigarettes still contain nicotine, which can become extremely addictive. Because of this, some consider e-cigarettes to be a type of “gateway drug”, with the addiction gained from them leading to other, harsher drugs and substances. Of course, while vapors are healthier than smoke, the unnatural, man-made chemicals that are being inhaled every time you use an e-cigarette may be harmful to your body.

Unfortunately, there have not been enough rigorous tests when it comes to the potential negative side effects of using e-cigarettes, and currently there is a great debate comparing their pros and cons. What certainly can be said, however, is that they are not completely risk free. Any time you inhale foreign chemicals into your body, you run the risk of damaging organs, blood cells, etc. While no major illnesses or diseases have yet been linked to the use of e-cigarettes, it’s not unlikely to consider that with more time and more testing, scientists may discover some issues that can arise from these chemicals.

While e-cigarettes may be a better, healthier, and cleaner option than smoking traditional cigarettes, keep in mind that they are not completely risk-free. Conduct your own research on the positives and negatives or e-cigarettes, decide if they might be the right choice for you, and use them responsibly at your own discretion.


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  1. Electronic cigarettes are not totally safe but in comparison to regular cigarette it is far better. I agree with you that e cigs contain nicotine but we have an option to choose the level of nicotine in premium e liquid juicesbut it is not possible with regular cigarettes, so our health is in our hands with the use of electronic cigarettes.

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